Specific sections

How can you help out?

The easiest and fastest way to help this project out is to donate. Vacuum equipment is very expensive, and I often need to fabricate my own adaptors because nothing else will fit. By donating to this project, I guarantee that 100% of your funds will go into project costs---I won't run away with the money and buy, say, DVDs.

Any amount that you can contribute helps. A dollar, five dollars, fifty cents---whatever you can spare, I'll appreciate!

If you'd like, I can also list your name on a contributor page; just ask.

A Wish List

If you know of, or have, any of the following items for cheap, please let me know.

  • Turbomolecular pumps
  • Oil-free backing pumps (e.g. scroll, roots)
  • Conflat parts (any miscellaneous things)
  • Digital/analog data acquisition boards


If you're interested in working on the project, just send me an e-mail. There's lots of things to be tackled---vacuum systems, control systems, electron gun design, magnet power supply design. If you've ever wanted to build a particle accelerator, but never had the time or money, here's your chance to help out.

But there's more than a technical aspect to this project, too: if you're interested in supporting me on the business/management end, I'd be extremely grateful.